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                                                                         "Don't bunt.  Aim out of the ballpark.  Aim for the company of immortals"
                                                                                   David Ogilvy       
Pitch’s Starting Pitcher

Kathryn Mercer started Pitch. so she could spend her days doing one of the things she enjoys most.
                                                                                                                                                                        who pitcher picture
... it involves neither cooking, cleaning or knitting.

She thrives on the challenge of creating advertising that will sell products,
services and ideas in clever and unique ways.
It’s through her collaboration with a select team of professionals,
that we are able to do what we do,
and do it well.

A degree in communications, and a couple of years studying advertising copywriting, television and radio production, plus thirteen combined years writing ad copy and freelancing for newspapers and magazines, have taught her a few tricks of the trade.

Besides ... it’s probably best for everyone involved if she just stays out of the kitchen.

"Words are loaded pistols"
          Jean-Paul Sartre

      Pitch. Copywriting & Media • Windsor, Ontario, Canada • kathy@pitchmedia.ca
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