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Here at Pitch., we realize advertising isn’t exactly rocket science
... so it shouldn’t rival the cost of a space shuttle mission.

Our mission?                                                                                     rocket home page

To provide inspiring alternatives to bigger advertising ventures,
without breaking budgets. 

Pitch. specializes in producing advertising messages and media strategies in ways
that are surprising, immediate and innovative.

Our services include ad development, branding and conceptual copywriting for print, web, radio,
television, press releases and tag lines.  We also offer web and slide show video production.

Pitch. thrives on creating the kind of advertising that is as appealing as it is engaging.
The kind that isn't afraid of white space.
The kind that employs clear, uncluttered and concise copy.

Creativity is a given.

"Words are loaded pistols"
                Jean-Paul Sartre

        Pitch.  Copywriting & Media • Windsor, Ontario, Canada •
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